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Flushing an automatic transmission may not be the best idea; the newer models of cars use a high quality transmission fluid that lasts the lifetime of the vehicle.

At Glen Burnie Transmissions we generally recommend just pan off service where we replace filter and gasket and add back the amount of fluid that drained out. Flushes often cause premature transmission failure.

A good way to make a decision on this is to check the owner’s manual to see what is required and follow the manual recommendations.

Fill in your information here and a service representative will contact you to confirm the time and date of your appointment. Diagnostics are always free. You can schedule a read test and estimate here or schedule your vehicle for repair. Keep in mind that transmission problems that seem large may not be transmission issues at all. Faulty wiring can cause a check engine light and a scan that shows transmission troubles when they do not actually exist. An inexpensive deteriorated linkage grommet can cause transmission shift to grind or slip out of gear. Dreading a large expense can cause a person not to take care of the issue and that can result in major repairs. Schedule your appointment today. We really do treat our customers with respect and kindness.

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The transmission experts at Glen Burnie Transmission are here just for you. We strive every day to create happy customers.

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