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Real Prices - NO Bait & Switch

We are happy to give you prices when you call us. Unlike other shops who rebuild transmissions, we don't need to look inside your transmission to be able to give you a price for either a Remanufactured or a Used transmission.

We know in advance what it is going to take to replace your transmission. No "Expert Guessing", no "Bait & Switch" as so many transmission shops do. Unfortunately, that is standard practice with a lot of Nationwide transmission chains.

We get this kind of comment on a regular basis:
"I was told by A**CO that my car's transmission needed to be rebuilt and that it would cost almost $1600. I was fine with that. I then received a call that they had taken the transmission apart and due to whatever was wrong, it would be almost $5000 to rebuild it. I was also given an option to have a used one installed for $3300. At this point, I have invested almost $900 into this repair because I thought I was paying toward a $1600 rebuilt transmission and I really can't afford the prices I was quoted. I am looking for a break in the price, if at all possible."

Of course, we helped this frustrated car owner. That is what we do.

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