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Diagnostic Procedures

Glen Burnie Transmissions service center, located in the Baltimore area, is outfitted with the latest transmission diagnostic equipment.  Our external diagnostic procedures are designed to identify any obvious problems affecting the performance of your vehicle. We begin by checking your transmission for low fluid levels and for burnt fluid. In general, low fluids indicate a leak, while burnt fluids suggest an issue with overheating. Subsequently, our technicians take your car for an evaluative road test and full underbody inspection. To finish, we use a digital code reader to scan your transmission for any error codes.

In addition to the external analysis, your vehicle will be put through computer diagnostic testing to determine any underlying issues.  Today, 95% of transmissions are computer controlled; meaning that data is collected by sensors on the engine and transmission in order to control shift timing. These computers are complex and require specialized diagnostic tools to identify electronic issues. In order to obtain a proper diagnosis, we must run the transmission independently of the vehicle's computer control module, allowing us to differentiate between electrical, electronic, and wiring problems. If your transmission problem is intermittent, we will have to drive your vehicle with the diagnostic equipment attached until the issue is recreated.

You can rest assured that Glen Burnie Transmissions has the tools and the know-how to diagnose any of your transmission problems. Located just in Baltimore, we're ready to get you back on the road!

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