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Automatic Transmissions

Glen Burnie Transmissions is a fully equipped transmission service and repair center outside of Baltimore. We have technicians who specialize in a variety of repairs, including automatic transmissions. Today, automatic transmissions are an enormously complex combination of computer controls, hydraulic systems, and electrical components. Sensors, located on the engine and transmission, collect data to control shift timing, eliminating the need for driver controlled shifting.  Simultaneously, the hydraulic system sends fluid throughout the transmission that lubricates moving parts, aides in shift control, and acts as a coolant. At Glen Burnie Transmissions, we recommend that you change transmission fluid periodically—usually between 15,000 and 100,000 miles. So, whether you're having issues with your transmission or just want to keep up with its maintenance, we're ready to help. We have expert technicians who specialize in automatic transmissions.

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