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We offer Free Estimates, Free diagnosis, Free towing (on major repairs), Financing and a Nationwide Warranty. We also will arrange to have a rental car waiting for you at the time you leave your vehicle in our expert hands.   Call Us at (410) 766-8500 -- (800) 458-2661 (DC Area)

Glen Burnie Transmissions Rental Service

We realize the inconvenience transmission service can cause and we have arrangements with local rental car and truck companies to have a vehicle waiting at the time your vehicle arrives at our shop or if it needs towing, to have a rental at your door when you need it. After your service is completed you can return the rental at the rental companiy's location and they will provide transportation to our shop where you pickup your vehicle.

At GBT, we pride ourselves on superior service. Our staff is always happy to answer questions, and management is onsite during all business hours. We also offer complimentary road test to help assess your transmission needs. Give us a try. You will not be disappointed!